The certifications we issue from the Consejo de Agricultura Ecológica de la Región de Murcia, are:


EU Organic Farming Certification

EU Organic Farming Certification (regulation (UE) 2018/848).

In order to market an agricultural product with the identification of ecological, biological or organic in the EU, it is necessary to be certified under this standard. This regulation and its implementing rules can be downloaded in the regulations section of our website.

Certification request

Bio Suisse

Bio Suisse is an association of organic farmers in Switzerland and owns the brand linked to compliance with its private standards. The Bio Suisse standards differ in certain requirements from the provisions of the European Union.

These points mainly include the ecological exploitation of the farm as a whole, the creation of areas that favor biodiversity, as well as limitations on the intensity of the fertilizer and the use of copper.

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This certification can be requested by producers and industries, and must in any case have a Swiss importer certified by Bio Suisse. The Bio Suisse brand can only be used by certified Swiss companies. Spanish companies that obtain this certification are identified using the indication “BIOSUISSE ORGANIC” on their delivery notes and invoices.

To request the inspection under the Bio Suisse standards, you must complete the Bio Suisse Inspection request form. You can contact our offices to expand any information.


Naturland is an association based in Germany that has a private production standard.

Operators certified under this standard can make use of the Naturland logo. This standard prioritizes sustainable production, nature conservation, social aspects, prevention of climate change, protection and conservation of soil, water and air, as well as consumer protection.

It can be requested by operators who wish to use this logo on the labeling of their products.


The Krav Logo is the most recognized brand to identify organic products in Sweden. It is owned by KRAV, the most important organic production association in this country.

The rules of this association are based on regulation (EC) 834/2007 although they have some differentiating criteria that must be verified. The KRAV Certification must be applied and controlled in all phases of the production chain.

Ways to export to Sweden using the KRAV:
  1. Being certified under KRAV standards
  2. Through the sale to an importer certified under the KRAV standards. In this second case, a third-party verification of compliance with the additional requirements of KRAV is necessary for all operators involved.
  3. The operators that can request the KRAV verification service, provided by Caerm, are those that have a KRAV-certified Importer in Sweden.
  4. To request the KRAV verification you must complete the KRAV Verification request form, puede contactour offices to expand any information.