Organic products

Why consume them?

Because they are healthy and safe for the body and have all the nutrients and vitamins of the food.

Synthetic products have not been used in their production, which helps protect our health and that of the farmers who work the land, as well as taking care of the environment.

Because its vegetable or animal ingredients have not been genetically manipulated.

Organic farming consider traditional agricultural knowledge and at the same time is up to date with cutting-edge knowledge and techniques to continue improving in all aspects, but without departing from Life or Nature

It is controlled with strict quality regulations.

Because they come from an agriculture thatconserves and increases biodiversity by promoting the planting of hedges and trees; by suppressing synthetic products that affect wildlife and the entire food chain; by diversifying crops and conserving native seeds.

Because they come from an agriculture that promotes work and life in the countryside while preserving their own culture and contributing to the satisfaction, health and culture of those who live in the city. While maintaining the diversity of the landscapes with their beauty and harmony, it contributes to creating employment by needing more labor and reducing agricultural surpluses with a promotion of quality rather than quantity.

Buying organic food, food from organic agriculture and livestock, is to support that farmers can do their job with pleasure, taking care of the economic and social aspect of our towns.

Because organic farming helps us recover the almost lost flavors and aromas, a pleasant diet, a gastronomic culture with foods that we know and like us for their aroma, their flavor. In short for its good quality.

In order for the consumer to differentiate organic products, all packaged units must bear the EU logo and the numerical code of the controlling entity that certifies it. In addition, products can also carry the logo that identifies the entity that certifies it.