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Organic Products

Why do we consume it?

We consume them because they are healthy and safe for the organism and have all the nutrients and vitamins characteristic of the food. They come from the Organic Farming , which protects our health and our farmers’ health, and is environmentally-friendly as it does not use toxic chemical products.Setas (1) We consume them because their vegetable or animal ingredients have not been genetically modified. Organic Farming takes into account the traditional farming how to know and it is updated in the forefront knowledge and techniques to keep improving all the aspects, but without moving away from Life and Environment and it is controlled by strict quality rules. We consume them because they come from an agriculture which preserves and increases the biodiversity promoting the planting of hedges and woodland by eliminating the chemical products which affect the fauna and all the food chain, diversifying crops and preserving indigenous seeds. The Organic Farming means a compromise on the farmer and livestock farmer of caring for soil, and woodland areas and the water, providing the animals the chance to develop their innate behaviour and find themselves in comfort conditions respecting their cycles and needs. We consume them because they come from an agriculture which promotes work and life in the fields, preserving their own culture and contributing to the satisfaction, health and culture of the city inhabitants. At the same time, the diversity of the landscapes with their beauty and harmony contributes to create jobs, as more workmanship is needed, and to reduce farming surplus promoting quality instead of quantity. We eat them to contribute to a sensible consumption. An organic products consumer knows that Organic Farming contributes to rural development, to slow down the erosion anCamera 360d fires, to a better use of the resources, to the survival of the professions which care for the fields that we enjoy later, and to get fair prices for the farmer.   To buy organic food, which comes from Organic Farming and livestock farming, means to support farmers who will be able to carry out their work satisfactorily, caring for the economical and social aspects of our villages/towns. We consume them because Organic Farming helps us to recover flavours, aromas almost lost and nice food. We will be able to recover a gastronomic culture with foods that we already know and find them nice for their aroma and flavour. In short we eat them because of their good quality.

How to identify it?

All the packaged products according to the Rules of Organic Farming Production are labelled as ‘ Organic Farming ’ (written in Castilian or any of the other languages of the European Union) and they have a logo or stamp on them which shows the authority or the organism of control which verifies them. If the product has been manufactured or packaged in the European Union it can have the European logo of organic or Biological Agriculture on it. If the product is fresh and not packaged (fruit, vegetables), we must make sure that the producers are registered in a control unit and they have an Organic Farming certificate and a production control. Uva ecologica

Consejo de Agricultura Ecológica de la Región de Murcia

Av del Río Segura, 7. 300002 MURCIA

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